A Nevada law firm, not a satellite office.

Our Nevada roots run deep.  The firm’s beginnings can be traced back to 1940, when the law partnership known as Morse & Graves was founded in downtown Las Vegas. Over the years the practice’s name changed many times. By 2004 the firm’s numbers reached critical mass and it separated into two parts—and Atkin Winner & Sherrod was formed.     
Located just minutes from State and Federal courthouses, our lawyers handle serious injury and liability cases throughout Nevada. 
Nevada laws and customs are unique, and can be treacherous to those unfamiliar with them. Law firms from New York to California have turned to the lawyers of Atkin Winner & Sherrod to help navigate these waters.

The resources, experience and resolve to try your case. 

We have tried countless cases to verdict in courtrooms all over Nevada, with a strong record of success both in trial and on appeal. While most clients understandably prefer to peaceably resolve disputes, this isn’t always possible. And you’ll get the best settlement when your lawyer is prepared to go to trial.  

Our firm has earned an exemplary reputation with the judiciary and with our peers—and we have earned that reputation in the courtroom.  The very lawyers we see in court every day refer cases to us. 
What does this mean to you? It means that, if your case can be settled, your lawyers will negotiate from a position of strength. And if your case comes to trial, you’re hiring trial lawyers who’ve been there before.


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